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project:simplify • week four

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Yesterday was Monday, which means Simple Mom revealed hot spot #4. I was a little disappointed at first because I was hoping it would be the entry/hallway area—I’ve been putting off doing ours, even though it’s driving me nuts how cluttered and messy it is, because I’m convinced as soon as I clean it, it’ll be announced as a hot spot and I’ll miss out on the week’s challenge. (And also because it only occurred to me right this minute that I could have just taken before-and-after pictures, cleaned, then posted that week and no one would have been the wiser.)

But this week’s hot spot—the pantry and refrigerator—is one that needs serious work in our house.

Our kitchen is seriously lacking in the cabinet-space department. In fact, we don’t really have a pantry. We have—

a corner cabinet with a lazy susan that turns only with great effort and is literally the only food storage space we were able to squeeze out of the cabinets…

a bookcase that lived in our basement in Buffalo but fits perfectly into a weird empty space in the kitchen in this house…

a set of Ikea shelves in the basement (which also, incidentally, served as our “pantry” in the Buffalo house, since that had very little cabinet space in the kitchen as well)…

…and a few other random spaces we’ve made into makeshift kitchen storage—including a tall cabinet in what I think must once have been an actual pantry but is now a way-too-big half-bathroom off the kitchen—which I’ll photograph later if I have enough time to organize them as well. As far as food storage goes, these three spots are more or less it.

Oh, except the kitchen table—

—which ends up collecting odds and ends that won’t fit in the lazy susan cabinet but are used often enough that I hate to put them downstairs…and a couple of things that belong downstairs that I just haven’t gotten around to taking there yet.

Our refrigerator is actually in pretty good shape—

But it can always use a quick go-over to make sure nothing has expired. And the shelves haven’t been scrubbed since we moved in, so it’s about due for a good cleaning.

The biggest problem—apart from the lack of space in the kitchen proper and my own difficulty in determining how best to divvy up the available space so that the things I use regularly are close at hand—is that when we moved into this house in October I was overly concerned with getting everything unpacked—so I could find what I needed without having to dig through boxes—and by the time that was done my motivation was pretty well spent, so I never got around to getting everything organized. (I did manage to get the non-food items in the basement more or less organized in anticipation of this project—although I never did get around to taking and posting “after” pictures—so all that remains down there is to take care of the food storage.)

So I need this week’s challenge. Badly. And I’ll be back Friday to share how it all turns out…

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  1. Tuesday, 29 March 2011 11:06 am

    Mmm, I cleaned out my pantry and scrubbed the fridge just a couple of weeks ago… love that! 🙂

    • Thursday, 31 March 2011 7:44 am

      I’m jealous! My shelves are half done, my fridge…ugh…and we’re leaving for Buffalo in two days!

      Oh, and our landlord is trying to sell the house we’re renting, and showings will start this Saturday. Can you tell I’m a little stressed about it all?? 😀

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