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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I haven’t posted much adoption-related lately—no reason, really, except I’ve been working on so many things that have been taking a lot of my time and attention. I’ve had an Open Adoption Roundtable post in the works for a week or so now, and hopefully I’ll finish writing it some time this week, and I have been turning a few other things over in my head but haven’t written much on them yet.

Mostly, I’m finding that other people in the adoption world are able to say the things I want to say far better than I, and so I hesitate to add my voice. (I know I shouldn’t do this. Every voice—however eloquent or stilted—makes a difference. But it’s easier to rationalize my way out of finishing a half-written post I’m struggling with when I tell myself it’s already been said anyway.)

But I’m always here, reading.

This morning I read Jenna’s latest post, and I am linking it here because I think it is a must-read. So go read it.

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