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project:simplify • closet/wardrobe, day one

Friday, 11 March 2011

I’d like to say I got started bright & early this morning, but that would be a lie. I didn’t even get up bright and early this morning. (I slept until almost seven-thirty. Can you imagine??)

Julia had a doctor’s appointment this morning, and before that we had to go to the dairy to say hi to the cows & get our milk. So I didn’t get to even take my “before” pictures until after lunch.

And, without further ado:

:: before ::

{not a bad closet for a 90-year-old house…}


{these drawers are usually crammed fuller, but today is laundry day…}


{the overflow}



:: during • dressers ::





I have no “after” pictures of my dressers yet—I want to clean them out before I put my clothes back; everything got really dusty during the move, and I just sort of threw everything in drawers and on shelves when we got here.

The closet is on the docket for tomorrow, and George is going to go through his dresser as well. Hopefully we’ll have the whole room put back together by tomorrow night. Stay tuned…


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