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4 • Park Road

Friday, 4 February 2011

I’m going to revisit this post later on this year, when the weather turns warm and the snow melts, because I think I’ll like Park Road even more when I have the chance to spend more time there.

When our Realtor, Linda, first drove us around West Hartford, she made a big deal about Park Road—knowing that I like secondhand/thrift shops and antique shops and that sort of thing. We ended up with a rental a little north of there, off Farmington Avenue, but still within walking distance of the Park Road business district—in the nice weather. (In this sort of weather I can barely make it to the bus stop across the street…)

I’ve had a few chances to drive down to Park Road & do a little shopping there. Hall’s Market first struck me like it would be way overpriced for my budget, but it carries fresh meat and vegetables sometimes at better prices than even Aldi—and I’m willing to pay a little more to support the local suppliers featured there.

Last week I finally got to The Clothes Horse—the thrift store of the Junior League of Hartford. There was a Junior League thrift shop on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo for a while, several years ago—and if I’m being perfectly honest I liked that shop better, crammed to the gills as it was with all sorts of things. This shop is definitely more…refined. And more well organized. I found a few things there & will definitely be making it a part of my regular Saturday thrifting routine.

I’ve driven past a few other shops—antique-y places that will probably have prices way out of my league, but always fun to stop in, just in case there are some treasures to be found—but I haven’t been able to stop into any yet. One thing about Hartford that is a change from Buffalo is how difficult it is to get around in the snow—parking is hard to come by any time of year, but it’s next to impossible to find after a month of storm after storm after storm. Once some of this snow melts, I’m looking forward to checking out this neat little strip properly.

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  1. Friday, 4 February 2011 2:18 pm

    Park Road sounds awesome! And if there’s a pottery painting place around nearby, that’s just an added bonus.

    Thanks for visiting me today 🙂

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