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taming the bull in the china shop

Monday, 31 January 2011

My girl is sweet, but she is most definitely not gentle. She stomps around the house like an elephant; she tackles her brother, pinning him to the floor. (“Hugging!” she explains, when I ask her why he is folded in half, with her laying on top of him.) She tries to ride the dog. She picks the cat up around the middle.

She doesn’t sit quietly with her dolls, rocking them or reading to them; instead she runs around the house, “flying” them. She balances her crayon tin on the top of her head for as long as she can before it crashes to the floor (and startles the dog). The night we brought Asher home, she rode her tricycle down the stairs. Last week she put both of her legs into one of my hockey socks and stumbled around the house like the world’s most uncoordinated mermaid.

(Really, she did. See?)

I sometimes think the phrase “a bull in a china shop” must have been coined especially for her.

The post-op care instructions say I’m supposed to limit her activity for one week after the surgery. So I came up with a bunch of creative/quiet play alternatives to the daily ritual of circling the first floor at top speed calling for the dog to chase her—”Sydney, come on!”—and using the couch as a makeshift gymnastics apparatus.

Last week was easier than I expected. We did a lot of coloring. Thursday night was miserable and sleepless, so she spent most of Friday half-asleep on the couch. My parents came out for a visit on Saturday. I don’t remember what we did Sunday—isn’t that sad?—but I did have to pull her off the back of the couch a few times. Monday is homemade playclay. Tuesday is oatmeal cookies. Wednesday is one week since her surgery & we will be home free.

She’s beginning to get restless, though—heaven help me…

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  1. Monday, 31 January 2011 10:29 am

    I literally lol’d. I can see why Lilia calls Julia her best friend- by this description the two are peas in a pod for sure. Great pic too.

    • Wednesday, 2 February 2011 8:25 am

      I wonder if it’s a “big sister” thing. Although Julia has always been like this, so maybe not…

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