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reinventing myself (again)

Saturday, 15 January 2011

I’ve been thinking for a while about the name of my blog. I sort of chose it on the fly, once I stopped writing about infertility and began writing about our journey into adoption. And it made sense at the time, although I’ve never been in love with it. (Last fall I briefly wished I’d been clever enough to come up with “No Ordinary Family” before the TV show premiered; it really does better describe the focus I was trying to achieve than the name I chose, but how lame would it have been to rename my blog after a TV show about superheroes?)

My friend TG recently relaunched her blog, reflecting a change in focus from her daughter’s adoption and her role as firstmom to…well, everything going on in her life (including, of course, her daughter’s adoption and her role as firstmom). Which got me thinking again about this blog and whether “a different kind of family” truly reflects what I’ve been writing about or what I want to write about.

I don’t think this was ever intended to be an “adoption blog”—at least not in the sense that my earlier blog was an “infertility blog.” Instead, this is a blog about my family, my life. To be sure, adoption is a big part of that, but it isn’t who we are. I’ve written about adoption here (and on my previous blog of the same name on Vox, which has since been lost forever because in the middle of moving my household 400 miles to another state, I never got around to migrating my posts from there to here before it went *poof*) and I will continue to do so, but I never wanted this blog to be all adoption, all the time. This is, I think, part of my difficulty in writing over the last year: I didn’t want this to be just an adoption blog, but I felt like it was “supposed” to be an adoption blog—in part because it was named like an adoption blog—so when I wanted to write about other things they didn’t seem to quite fit.

And so, for the…fifth, I think…time in my blogging life, I’m reinventing myself. (And hopefully in a few days I’ll get around to adding a note explaining my new name.)

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