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Thursday, 2 December 2010

First things first: I love my house.

Although technically it’s not my house. I am renting it. Short-term, sadly; the owner really wants to sell it but is renting to us until the spring because the market is so awful here.

But I love it anyway.

It’s tiny compared to our house in Buffalo, which is phenomenal, really, because we had way too much space in that house. After a while the whole third floor became a sort of adjunct attic and that’s why moving was so crazy – way too much junk to go through.

So this house is considerably smaller, but the space is used much better. For example: Our entryway is a few feet by a few feet, not the second-largest room in the house. The spaces we use the most—living room, dining room, and kitchen—are about the same size as in our house in Buffalo. The bedrooms are tiny, but how big does a bedroom need to be, really? You just sleep in it. We have two—two!—bathrooms, one on the first floor and one on the second. The upstairs bathroom—the full one, with the tub—is big enough to bathe both kids and then get them dressed at the same time!

But those are just details. I love the charm of this house. I love the old woodwork and the hardwood floors. I love the old wooden banister that is—finally—a place to hang my knitted mittens-and-hats advent calendar. (I’ve had it for three years & this is the first time I’ve had a place to hang it up.) I love the big—original—windows and I love that the owner didn’t replace the ones downstairs with the beautiful cross-hatching. (I don’t love that she replaced the ones in the bedrooms, but apparently they were painted shut & she couldn’t open them at all when she bought the house, so I guess it’s forgivable in that case.)

I love that my kids’ pediatrician is a two-minute walk away. I love that there is a playground a five-minute walk in the other direction. I love that I can see the city bus stop from my front yard. I love that I can decide at 9:30AM to bundle the kids up, put them in the stroller, and walk downtown, and be at the library by 10:00. I love that I can get to the park just as quickly.

I’m half-hoping the real estate market stays soft here and the owner of the house decides to rent to us longer term come April. (OK, maybe more than half. But I feel bad about it because I know she and her family really want to buy a house in their new city, and the only thing stopping us buying this house is that we don’t want to be in the same position when we move back to Buffalo. So I feel for them.) If not, I hope we can find another house in this neighborhood with at least some of the early-twentieth-century charm and warmth of this place. But in the meantime, I’m glad to have such a warm, beautiful place to live with my family this winter.

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  1. Thursday, 2 December 2010 10:03 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful place, Meg! I personally love my tiny house, as it really does help me from being too much of a pack rat (though I’m still terrible…)

    Also, I really need to knit an advent calendar too- I was looking at some patterns today coincidentally. Too bad I have too many other projects at the moment!

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