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i made a healthy dinner tonight

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

From scratch, even. Penne with chicken and asparagus. Cue the marching band.

I don’t even want to think about how long it’s been since I cooked anything worth eating, but I can say it’s been long enough that we went past a McDonalds today and Julia yelled, “Fries!” And since I have a thing about needing to know where my food comes from, and I’m bent on not filling my kids full of processed crap, this does not make me feel like a candidate for Mother of the Year. Particularly given that until very recently Julia had approximately eight words at her disposal; “fries” was not one I was expecting to come with the vocabulary explosion she’s experienced over the last few weeks.

But I have an excuse! Really, I do! It’s the same one I’m hiding behind for not having written anything here since mid-summer. In the past three months we completely finished renovating our house, put that house on the market, sold it, and moved 400 miles away (in two shifts; Julia was in hospital the week we moved, so George drove down with my dad and Asher while I stayed behind in Buffalo until she was released). It’s been kind of busy around here. In fact, it’s a wonder we’ve managed to eat anything at all, so eating crap probably isn’t such a bad thing, really—at least we haven’t all starved to death.

So here we are—a new life (temporarily) in a new city. I’m probably going to use the fact that we still have a million and six boxes to unpack—and that the movers appear to have randomly thrown completely unrelated things from different parts of the house together into boxes, so we can’t find a damn thing—as an excuse when I don’t write as often as I’d like. But in an attempt to get myself out there, doing things and meeting people, instead of sitting around being pissed off that I have to live in Connecticut and being homesick for Buffalo, I’ve decided I’m going to blog—in addition to the usual adoption missives and the odds & ends of our life—about Thirty-two Things I Love about Living in West Hartford.

Why thirty-two? It’s a big enough number to be challenging, but a small enough number to not be impossible. And it’s divisible by 8, which is always very important. I was going to call it “Thirty-two things I Don’t Hate about Living in West Hartford,” but that seemed sort of backhandedly negative and kind of defeated the whole purpose. So watch this space. Now that life is settling down again I’m hoping to write more, but if nothing else, I’ll be writing bits and pieces about my new home and the things I don’t hate—I mean, that I love—about it.

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